Jungle Talk – Teenager love expressed by proxy

Rather than meet you and let you know how he feels.  The person who is ‘in love’ with you and knows you are interested, uses his best friend to either talk to you or to your BF. This to and fro through the jungle causes anticipation and frustration in equal measures.

Chapter 23 of Firstborn  was written with the above in mind.


Chapter 20 – You don’t need to know a mother to feel her love

It’s  a dumb question to ask if an absent mother can love?  As dumb as the overused question “Does a tree falling in a wood make a sound if no one is there to hear it?” Of course it does. All those mothers separated from their children out of no choice of their own, love their children deeply whether their children know it or not. This chapter is dedicated to Selene Woods.

Chapter 20 – You don’t need to know a mother to feel her love

My deadline is fast approaching, just as my words have dwindled to a full stop

I did what the experts said, yet the track finished short of the station.

How did I manage that?

I thought I had learnt all the lessons to be learnt when I wrote the first draft of my first book.

Yet here…I am again…stuck!

This time I have written chapters without editing at all. That is a big tick according to the writing gurus.

“Fill the blank canvases but don’t edit them.”

“Chuck the words on the page and don’t look back.”

Great advice until I found I was 35 thousand words short. Somehow, I had written the whole novel and reached the  end of the book after just writing 45000 words – last time I wrote 85,000 words.

I sat down, head in hands, full of despair. Things got worse I didn’t even pick up the lid of the laptop. Dejected, at one in the morning, my iPhone lit up. The purple pod cast section had a a lovely red dot. My eyes widened when I saw the words ‘What if my words suck?’  The pod cast  beauty, was a pod cast from Story Grid.

I won’t lie and say it made me jump out of my bed to write because anyone who knows me will know I’m lying. I am not separable from my duvet once I am comfortable. Anyhow, listening to the pod cast I realised I had written the action but none of the ‘fat’. I had a lean story which fulfilled its genre expectations and the criteria of a second book in a trilogy series but I forgot about the inner genre of the antagonist and the  mentor.  Oh ‘Fat’ I love thee. Smooch!

My deadline to finish the first draft is fast approaching. I only have twelve and a half days left but I think I can do it… scrub that…I will do it!

I have picked up a sleeper and am putting the track down. I haven’t yet got to the station. The whistles of the steam train with the number and letters 30APR on its face, is fast approaching Will I make it? I don’t know.

Hark! Can I hear cheering? Is that you waving me on with kind words…I hope so. If it is you then thank you.